A Seat at the (Digital Round)table

As #hcod continues to develop, it’s been refreshing to see additional voices come out of the woodwork. While there is still a great deal of concern about publishers and librarians taking an antagonistic role toward one another, other voices have emerged from the woodwork showing that both sides have a vested stake in talking to one another.

I’ve worn myself out saying it over and over again, but it continues to bear repeating: libraries and publishers have a common interest: getting as many books in the hands of as many people as possible. We take different paths to get there, and those paths may converge and separate several times in the steps taken from author to reader. But there’s a definite symbiosis here, and one that libraries need to hammer home.

I’ve been invited to participate in Digital Book World’s online roundtable discussion tomorrow, and I hope to do all I can to advocate from the library’s side of the issue. To that end, I’m looking for additional examples of ways libraries have collaborated with publishers to market their wares. What examples are you able to share? Do you have any data regarding how libraries can influence sales?

As I attempt to collect data, I have a similar question for publishers (welcome, if you’re reading this!): What data do you have demonstrating library activity as lost sales? Where are your numbers that show patron checkouts coming at the expense of book purchases?

As I work to put more of this information together, I’m hoping to share more with Library Renewal. They’ve graciously extended an invitation to contribute to their blog, and I don’t plan on letting them down.

Heralds of Change: Comic Books, Libraries and Innovation

Here are my slides from my talk at C2e2. I had a fun time putting it together, and incorporating more of my geek obsessions together. Which is probably the point – libraries need to function as these great melting pots of ideas, bringing people and ideas together in new and exciting ways. If you attended, I hope it came off in that way.

Here are the slides. Click through for my crib notes.

I’d love to continue the discussion, so if you have any questions (or comic suggestions) – please fire away in the comments.

Friday Reads: Gearing Up For C2E2

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

In the spirit of #fridayreads, I’m thinking about turning the end-of-week discussion over to more bookish topics. If this takes off, perhaps we can make this a regular feature.

So let’s get things rolling with a softball: are you a graphic novel fan? What were your favorite comics of the past year or so? I’m doing a talk at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo next week. (Let’s call the above slide a sneak preview.) During my spiel, I’ll examine the way graphic novels have gained wider acceptance in libraries, and how all the other innovations we push can benefit by following a similar path. Interspersed throughout I’ll be talking about some of my favorite funnybooks.

But I certainly haven’t read everything. What graphic novels do you recommend? Have you been championing any particular titles recently? Whether your tastes run to DC or Drawn & Quarterly, have at it. I’d love to hear your suggestions. And possibly swipe them for my talk.

(and if you’re looking for more #hcod stuff – don’t worry, more things are brewing. I’ll hopefully have at least one more blog post up this weekend.)

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