Friday Reads: Gearing Up For C2E2

All of this has happened before. All of this will happen again.

In the spirit of #fridayreads, I’m thinking about turning the end-of-week discussion over to more bookish topics. If this takes off, perhaps we can make this a regular feature.

So let’s get things rolling with a softball: are you a graphic novel fan? What were your favorite comics of the past year or so? I’m doing a talk at the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo next week. (Let’s call the above slide a sneak preview.) During my spiel, I’ll examine the way graphic novels have gained wider acceptance in libraries, and how all the other innovations we push can benefit by following a similar path. Interspersed throughout I’ll be talking about some of my favorite funnybooks.

But I certainly haven’t read everything. What graphic novels do you recommend? Have you been championing any particular titles recently? Whether your tastes run to DC or Drawn & Quarterly, have at it. I’d love to hear your suggestions. And possibly swipe them for my talk.

(and if you’re looking for more #hcod stuff – don’t worry, more things are brewing. I’ll hopefully have at least one more blog post up this weekend.)

  • Beth Smithy

    Oh hell. A centerpiece blonde in a red dress?
    This isn’t an entertainment expo. This is a hetero sausage fest.

  • joshua m. neff

    Some of my favorite graphic novels of all time (off the top of my head): Understanding Comics, Watchmen, A Contract With God, Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, Arkham Asylum, Persepolis, and Planetary. Also, any collections of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo and George Herriman’s Krazy Kat.

  • Alex

    I haven’t read anything in the past year, sadly. It’s probably been more than three years since I last re-read the Sandman. All of Neil Gaiman’s works are among my favorites (as are his non-graphic novels).

    Frank Miller is another favorite, from his Daredevil work to Batman to 300.

    Art Spiegleman’s Maus is another classic (and Pulitzer winner!)

    Ted Rall is one of the non-comic-y graphic novelists I enjoy.

  • Julie Jurgens

    I read a lot of the Fables collections this past year. I mostly got annoyed at how they merged Snow White of Snow White and Rose Red with the Snow White of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Two different tales, people! But I got over it, mostly, and enjoyed the books. The final Scott Pilgrim, too. I’m a fan of graphic novels, but I’m pretty particular about what I’ll read. Favorites are Blankets, Goodbye, Chunky Rice, and Maus.

  • Julie Jurgens

    Krazy Kat! I love the gender bending that Herriman has with those two. And, yes, love is like a brick to the head. Spot on, George, spot on.

  • Baezs

    Manga is all the rage. My favs are Fruits Basket and Vampire Knights.

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