New Models for Library Service

I helped to put together the fall symposium for LACONI (that’s the “Library Administrators Conference of Northern Illinois, for the uninitiated.) Taking the theme “New Models for Library Service,” it represented a good opportunity to hash out a bunch of the thoughts that have been knocking around in my head (and in presentations) regarding where we as a a profession can push participatory technology.

All in all, I think it was a pretty successful program. Lynn Dennis from Roselle Public Library discussed the ins and outs of her library’s Ning network, which has managed to weather the initial burst of enthusiasm and become a site with a core user base and real longevity.
Jonathan Bullington and Katie Cousino from Triblocal helped to highlight ways libraries can leverage hyperlocal media to raise their profile and identify new community stakeholders.
And Bill Pardue of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library wrapped things up with his thoughts on “predatory reference,” taking a more active stance in pursuing reference service beyond the walls of the library.

It also marked my first attempt to do a talk using Prezi, the nifty Flash-based presentation software. In addition to looking nice (looking at all the slides at once – click the circle below to see the birdseye view – looks almost like certain Andy Goldsworthy pieces), I found the design and navigation interface to be fairly easy to use. Check it out below.

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