Credit Where Credit’s Due

While getting ready to leave Monterey this morning, I realized that I completely neglected to mention the contributions of Gail Shaw, my library’s webmaster/systems librarian in my presentation at Internet Librarian 2009, I’m taking the time nowto point out her contributions.

Simply put, there is no way this project would have happened without her contributions, feedback, and support. Implementing the mobile platform – either through the OPAC, the mobile website, or the Shoutbomb service did not happen overnight, and Gail did the vast majority of the legwork in making that happen.

If you’re hoping to implement a service like this at your organization, make sure you’re working closely with someone who knows your ILS inside and out. Not only that, make sure everyone knows of the impact their work on the back-end contributed to a smooth workflow on the user end.

All in all, I had a great time at IL2009, and I’m looking forward to putting everyone’s great ideas into practice. Expect some blogginess in the days to come, and I hope to hear about what everyone else extracted from the experience  – even if you couldn’t make out to California yourself!

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