The National Mini-Mall

We’ve had C-SPAN running all day at MPOW. Visitors to the library have at least 5 spaces where they can watch the inauguration festivities. Regardless of your political affiliation, it’s so thrilling to see the public coming together to view the induction of a public official in a public space.  What’s even more telling is how many people actually stopped what they were doing to watch the ceremony.

Even more telling was this shot of our normally-full express Internet stations. Despite the fact that multiple sources existed for watching the swearing-in online, people felt the need to get up and share the moment with others. I will readily cop to feeling a warm fuzzy or two. Hopefully you did the same.

As President Obama’s (I keep saying that in your head over and over) first official speech as head of state intoned, we’ve got a lot of work to do to improve our station, and rebuild our standing with the rest of the world. Watching this little area watch the rest of the world watch our new elected leader gives me the hope it can happen. I can only hope we’re all capable of living up to this responsibility.

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