Liveblogging Someone Else’s Liveblog

I didn’t go to ALA Midwinter this year. (Actually, I’ve never attended Midwinter. )But now that I’ve been reading the writeups on the various conference proceedings, I kind of wish I had.

I’m particularly taken by David Lee King’s summary of Marshall Breeding’s talk on Next Generation Library Interfaces. We’re hard at work at implementing a new catalog discovery interface of our own, so these notes serve as a reminder that we’re doing The Lord’s Work.

These blocks of text, however, reads like my wish list for what I hope to accomplish with my library’s web presence:

strategic infrastructure + web 2.0
a more social and collaborative approach
web tools and tech that foster collaboration
integrated blogs, wiki, user reviews, etc
avoid 2.0 info silos – don’t have separate blogs, wikis, etc – make sure it’s integrated

scope of the next gen library interface:
attempt to collapse silos or draw appropriately from each silo
unified user experience
single point of entry into everything
print + electronic
local + remote
locally created content

Functions and features:
Interface features/user experience:
simple point of entry – optional advanced search
relevancy ranked results
facets for narrowing and navigation
query enhancement – spell check, etc
suggested related results / recommendation service
enriched visual and textual content
single sign-on

It’s like they’re saying what I’m thinking, before I’ve been able to put it into words. Thanks, Marshall. And thanks, David, and everyone who’s been posting their conference notes. Someone out there is reading them.

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