Be D.C.-ing You.

I wasn’t originally going to go to ALA this year. I feel like it’s easy to get tunnel vision from hearing only the library’s perspective time and again. Since MPOW’s travel budget is relatively limited, I figured I’d let other staff members get the opportunity to check it out.

But then 2 things happened: fewer people than normal expressed a desire to attend this year (a phenomenon likely attributed to PLA); and I got an invitation from David Lee King to join his panel on Designing Digital Experiences. I certainly wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to present alongside David, Bobbi Newman, and John Blyberg. I’ll gladly be the weak link in that chain. Hopefully I’ll see you all there on Sunday, from 10:30-noon.

But I’m keeping my “official” ALA schedule somewhat open. I’m going to look at a number of new products, drop in on a few workshops, and share meals with a number of friends, colleagues, and people I’ve been dying to meet.

I’m also going to be drumming up interest in Crave Libraries, a new semi-secret project I’m brewing up with Daniel Nguyen. (A debt of gratitude is also owed to Jason Kucsma, who coined the phrase and has graciously allowed us to run with it. Jason, look me up at ALA, as I owe you a cup of coffee at the very least.) We’re playing a few things close to the vest for the moment, but if you can track me down at the conference I might give you some buttons like the two above.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, the best way to do so is probably via Twitter. Any @ or D message will ping at least 3 places, so it should be pretty easy to track me down. Hope to see everyone there!

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