Plan C: Tech Trends Beyond Social Networking and Web 2.0

I gave a presentation this morning at the Dupage Library System as part of their “Libraries @ The Tipping Point” system-wide training day. While I think the future’s going to look more similar to the present than we might initially think, it’s fun to speculate on how the tech we currently use will evolve in the years to come.

What are the key concepts for libraries in the near future? I’ve boiled it down to the following 6 concepts:

  • Consolidation – Using APIs and open access to push data into the stream, and making it easier for patrons to use our resources
  • The Cloud – Ubiquitous access and synchronous editing changing the way people are learn and work
  • Compression – Devices getting smaller, smarter, and more powerful provide us with more opportunities for service at point-of-need
  • Control - Gesture-based interfaces offering a whole new way of examining and manipulating data
  • Copyright - Digital distribution models will bring publishers to our door closer than we think
  • Creation – Our responsibility toward curating user-generated content, and fostering healthy discourse through media

Please view the slides in fullscreen to see my crib notes. What do you think the technological game-changers will be?

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