Always. Be. Closing.

Skokie Public Library’s first set of mobile device-friendly services has just launched, and I’m really excited about everything our team has put together. Scope out the library’s catalog (using the Innovative AirPAC module), the mobile-friendly website, and our text messaging service, with which patrons can stay up-to-date on their account activity, and even renew items via text message. I think this lays the groundwork for our library’s mobile presence, and helps us to identify what areas we’d like to expand on our service.

Of course, now comes the hard part: creating a marketing push, and working to translate visibility into people signing up for the service.

We’ve taken a number of steps, including signs on the library plasma screens:


Highlighting the services in our newsletter:


I’ve also held classes, talking up the service on the Library blogs, and I’ve been training staff on ways to “sell” the service to patrons. Later on, we’ll send out a mailing to all Village residents, make a handout to be given away during checkout, and the services will be promoted on the front of the library website.

But I’m not done yet. My goal is 500 signups by the end of June (the grant reporting period). As I believe the “kids” are saying, I need to keep up my “hustle” in order to “make it rain.” I think. If anyone wants to double-check UrbanDictionary for me, please be my guest.

One of the steps I’m thinking about comes in the form of these sweet Moo cards:


Which begs the question: what should I do with them? When I give these cards out, I want to give out a few, so that each person shares them with others, thus contributing to their viral value. I’ve already tweeted about it, posted to the blogs, and sent out a Facebook update to all our fans.

Now it’s time to approach patrons in person, and actually shove these babies into their hot little hands. But I wonder if there other as-yet-overlooked methods that I haven’t seen.

So tell me: what am I missing? Do you have any suggestions?

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