More on Twitter Search-Aided Outreach

In the last post, I pointed out how Twitter Search was making Twitter more useful as a motivated reference tool. Much in the same way people are Slamming the Boards and providing library service to those who aren’t necessarily looking for it, we can use Twitter to provide much-needed answers and maintain our visibility.

This is great, but it tends to overlook the biggest reason to have a good Twitter Search feed set up: it lets you know when people are talking about you. Much like having Google Alerts set up, you can identify and respond to all the good and bad chatter taking place out in the cloud. Right after I made that last post, I found the following conversation in the feed:

A few days later, it garnered the following response:

Without the feed set up, I would have had no idea that we were being praised as such. Perhaps that’s a zen koan: If a tweet occurs in the tubes and you’re not around to hear it, does it actually count?

It probably counts to our patrons, not to mention our potential patrons. And I’m sure we’d want to know even more had it been a negative comment. (Comcast – a company which has given many people cause for complaint – is using Twitter for this very reason.)

That’s the great thing about Twitter – it takes such a massive tool for broadcast communication, and uses it to enable very specific personal conversations.

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