(UPDATED) What’s wrong with this picture?

UPDATE: Both Michael Porter and Kevin Briody at Webjunction contacted me via FriendFeed to let me know that they’re working on it. Thanks, guys!

With all the exciting new changes taking place at WebJunction, I had to get reacquainted with the site. Jessamyn pointed out that a new WordPress for Libraries group had launched. As MPOW is getting more involved with WordPress, it seems like a good opportunity to get advice and talk shop.

I used to have an account, but it was tied to an email address from my former POW. That address no longer exists. (The former POW seems to be doing rather well, as last I checked.) So I thought I’d create a new ID, and connect it to a more permanent (for me, at least) email address.

Filling out my bibliodemographics, I came to the category to choose my library type. But something seems to be missing:

What about we public folk? If you return an item late, do we not fine? If you start yelling, do we not shush?

I’m sure it’s just an oversight on the part of the person who built the form. Still, Webjunction, don’t you forget about me.

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