Celebrating Sanford Berman Month

Many in the library world were saddened to hear about cataloger extraordinaire Sanford Berman, and his recent car accident and subsequent hospitalization.  In the interest of sending positive recovery vibes his way, I’m joining in the call to observe Sanford Berman month, running from now until his birthday on October 6th.
I’ve only ever spoken to Mr. Berman once, when I was running tech support for a distance-learning class was guest-lecturing for at the University of Illinois. But he’s had a profound influence on my personal philosophies as a librarian, and as one who recognizes that the work we do has a profound influence on shaping culture. My wife and I have even gone so far as to name one of our cats after him:
(Sanford the cat is the one on the left.)

(Separated at birth? My cat is the one on the left.)

In living up to his namesake, Sanford the cat is both loquacious and persistent, particularly around feeding time.

Here’s hoping you get back on your feet soon, Sandy. For more information on the incident, or if you’d like to send him a get-well card, please visit Jenna Freedman’s blog.

  • http://kongtemplation.com rich

    i first heard of him during my cataloging class. my prof worshiped him and worked him into every lecture.

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