Even-Numbered Summers = Infinite Jest

Toby Greenwalt imageContinuing the pattern of the past few years, I’m going to spend much of the summer reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. I’ll be joined in this madness by several of my blogger friends. It should be a lot of fun. And you’re all invited to join us!

Whether you’ve read the book before, of if it’s your first time plowing through all 1078 pages, you’re in for a great reading experience and some (hopefully) fascinating discussion. Use the above page as your jumping-off point, featuring links to other participant pages and background resources on the book. Post comments. Write blog posts of your own. Have fun.

Happy reading!

(That photo comes from my reviewer profile at MPOW; I’m clearly thinking “oh, that Pemulis, what a cut-up.”

  • http://donkeysaint.blogspot.com/ Jim

    I read and admired that book, but it hurts your head. It is such a visceral book, it brings you so close to the people in the book and they are such prisoners of their heads. It hurt to read this book. I can’t imagine re-reading. But, honestly, I admired it so much. It is so eerie spot-on in capturing the mind of the addict.

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