Karate Dentist!

I saw this whilst Christmas shopping:

karate dentist

Clearly, the best dentist ever, as long as it comes with a good anesthesiologist.

I was originally going to post it for the amusement value, but it got me thinking. Not all tools (in libraries or otherwise) are used according to their intended purpose. Sometimes two features come together to provide to heretofore unimagined service.

Book Burro

Take the Firefox extension Book Burro, for example. This add-on pops up any time you visit a chosen commercial bookseller, such as Amazon or BN.com. You can check other libraries by choosing from a list, or by entering a ZIP code which will check against OpenWorldCat.

(A word to the wise: The add-on has a “blind spot” where it overlooks the area within the ZIP you enter. Use a neighboring ZIP to sidestep this glitch.)

This is great when you’re unsure of a book’s exact title, as Amazon’s slightly fuzzier search parameters can often put you on the right track. Find the item, click on Book Burro, and it will take you to the book’s listing in your ILS.

This is very nice, as I tend to use Amazon as a fail-safe in many of my searches. But what I didn’t realize was that it works within the “More Info” module within our own catalog. This enables us to price-check Amazon, as well as check availability at other nearby libraries.

Neither plugin new about the other, but when they came together, we discovered a new application for both. That’s a Karate Dentist, right there. And one that will save a lot of time spent searching for books.

Does your library have a Karate Dentist? What other sort of happy accidents have you found?

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