ILA Program Report: Wednesday AM

Technology Training Tune-Up: Computer Skills for Every Library Staff
Jim DiDonato, Assistant Director, Round Lake Area Library

I attended Jim DiDonato’s session on computer training as my first ILA 2007 training workshop. The nuts and bolts of technology tends to get overlooked as a facet of training competency. All the talk we have about getting involved with online tools and dynamic user-generated content does little good if people are unable to get their machines running. Mr. DiDonato provided a great overview of some good core competencies for knowing your computer, from recognizing hardware types to basic networking and server architecture.


This is the kind of thing that libraries should visit at least every few years, especially as they continue to provide expanded technology services. It’s embarrassing if a patron seeks out a public desk for help with their wireless connection, and is met with blank stares. As my Place of Employment continues its Learning 2.0 module, I’m going to see if there’s a way to squeeze in at least a little something on those real nuts and bolts.

Jim’s presentation will soon be viewable at his website,

  • rich

    good point. i’m glad we’re offering an intro to the internet class as one of our drop-in sessions.

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